Last trip of the year

Stacy and I decided to do a quick trip into Redding to take the kids to Turtle Bay. On a whim we decided to toss in an overnight bag should we want to stay over.

It was an adventure starting out. I had left the key in the ignition and the battery was dead. When I got the car started, warning lights came on. To make sure that everything was okay, I had to work through the fuses. It was a matter of resetting everything (yes, I called the dealership service department first, they told me to check the fuses). Off we went.


It was fun! We went through the museum first. The kids loved looking at the fish in the giant aquarium. I told Stacy that if we were ever wealthy that I wanted one of those. She humored me with a chuckle. We moved on to a logging exhibit. I pointed out to Ben that his papa and great grandpa both were in the logging business. I think that helped him pay more attention. We had been lured by the notice of a Polar Express Exhibit with a mock up of the train. It wasn’t quite what was promised, but the kids liked looking at the toy trains and the forest.We moved on to Paul Bunyan’s Forest. The kids enjoyed playing with the water in the gold rush slough, climbing on the jungle gym and swinging. There is nothing better than to hear my children laugh. 

With the kids getting tired and we wanted to do some shopping we dropped the news on Ben. “Hey buddy, we’re staying in a hotel.” Wanna talk about a happy kid? Tell Ben he is staying in a hotel. He is the epitome of happiness.

The next day we got up, dressed and ate. We decided to go to church. It was a great service. The worship was terrific. The pastor’s message was well delivered. The children’s church was well organized. Ben and Becca both did well. If ever in Redding, CA and need a church, go visit Neighborhood Church.

After church we did some quick shopping and came home. Stacy and I enjoyed the trip. Our kids had fun. We did what we love most. We were together as a family. It was the last trip of 2006. Here’s hoping that we will do this several more times in 2007.


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