My aspiring worship leader

Ben is awesome! We got home and he ran off to find his guitar and case. He was going around the house singing and strumming. By 4:15 he had the guitar packed up and was anxiously waiting by the door to go to youth group. “Come on dad! Let’s go! ” He would say every few minutes.

We got to the church and we started looking for Allan. Allan leads our worship for Jr Hi. “Allan! Where are you?!” Ben wandered around singing and strumming or he would go and bang on the drums while I was getting ready for youth group.

During worship, up there behind Allan and Kelsi was little Ben with his guitar. He was playing music with Allan! Good thing Allan’s guitar was plugged in and amplified. It was awesome! My son had this look of utmost joy on his face. He has said that he wants to teach people to sing about Jesus. (For more on this see my wife’s blog: random thoughts)

I can only hope that I do everything right to help him achieve that goal.

“May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.”


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