Chutes and Ladders

chutes and laddersThe other night my wife and I resolved to pray together more, read a devotional, and spend some time with our children. One practical way we decided would be to get age appropriate games and play them with Benjamin.

The first game, as you might guess from the title, was Chutes and Ladders. We set the board up. We each picked a character. We began to play. Ben was having difficulty working the spinner. He’s four and we need to cut him some slack. He spun it with his finger and let go. He took an early lead with Mom hot on his heels. Dad lagged at the back of the pack.

Once or twice we had to help Ben not cheat. How easy it is to see the sin nature in a child. He would spin the spinner and stop it on the number he needed for an advantageous move. But with both Mom and Dad watching he didn’t get away with it. I think that is a good lesson. No matter how much we want to cheat, no matter how firmly we believe we won’t get caught, we will get caught eventually. Better then to be honest.

The best part of this time with my wife and son was that Ben won! He patiently waited with only 1 space to go. He spun several times: a 6, a 3, a 5 and then he landed on 1. He moved his piece triumphantly onto the 100 square. We all exchanged high fives. We cheered. It was a good time. I can’t wait to do it again.

May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi!


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