Please Daddy, please!

Last night at dinner my daughter folded her hand and uttered the sound “pees” which I can only assume was ‘please.’ She was asking for her sippy cup of water. It was cute.

Today she ambles into the dining room where I am mopping. She has a blue bouncy ball, you know, the kind you get out of the 25 cent vending machines at Wal-mart. Obviously she had raided brother’s stash. “Becca,” I said, “give that to daddy.”

She walks over and hands it over to me. I slip it into my pocket. She folds her hands and says “Pees” “No,” I respond.

She starts bounding up and down and begging. “Pees!” “No babygirl,” I answer.

She hits her knees at my feet, bounces up and down, hands folded, “Pees, pees!”

She didn’t get the ball but Stacy and I had a good laugh. Kids can be so funny. I don’t have a clue where she got the folded hands begging skill. It’s cute now, but I am sure there will come a time when it is annoying. Then I’ll think, “This is why some animals eat their young.”


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  1. WOW, you are blogging, that’s great. I hope things are going well? Now Dawn and I have a way of keeping up with you all.

    Take care,


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