I love her

I love my wife. I needed to get that out in the open just incase someone didn’t know. I guess somepeople wouldn’t know when I’m a jerk to her in public. I’m sorry Stacy. I hope you can forgive me.

The backstory. Stacy went and got her hair done. I called her to find out if she was still alive because she missed an appointment we had. She was just finishing her hair appointment. She asked me to run to the bank and get some money. When she told me the amount I was stunned. No way! She was serious. I did it. I wasn’t happy about it. Hair is no big deal, come on! I get by with a buzz once a month! It costs me about 10 cents to run the clippers! I guess my baldness hinders me from understanding her need for hairdressing. I guess I need to go to sensitivity training for clueless bald guys.

Anyway, we are talking. She asks me if I like her hair. “It’s nice,” I say. I mention that more and more blonde is showing up each time she goes. She confesses that it is happening by her choice. I am sad. I fell in love with a red head. I married a red head. I like my red head. I don’t like blondes (sorry blondes, sorry mom, blonde hair is just not attractive to me). Now my wife is unhappy with me because I ‘devalue’ her because of her blonde hi-lights. Hopefully she forgive me. I love my wife. Really, I do.

Hair. Too many problems. Some people defend their long locks saying, “Jesus had long hair.” Do you know that? Just because paintings have him with long hair doesn’t make it true. Me, I think Jesus was bald.

“May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.”


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