Appearing Tonight: Benjamin!!!

Rock Star BenMy son rocks! If there is any doubt last night would put them to rest. Ben joins me at youth group. Every Tuesday we get home from work/daycare and he runs to his room. He packs up his guitar and sets it by the door. This week was no exception.

While the students were playing a game someone got the idea of setting up a microphone at Ben’s height. It was not plugged in and he didn’t care, it was a mike for him. with Barrett on guitar and vocals and Todd on the drums, my son helped lead worship.

I love seeing him like that. I do worry that he might be a distraction, but the students love him. As long as my son can have a good time, worship God, and not distract the students I’m ministering to, he can keep doing it.

I truly hope and pray that God will gift my son with musical talent, lyrical creativity, and open the doors wide for Ben to minister to many people through music. I pray that I will be a great father, teaching my son to live for the One who died for us, humbly using his talent for the Glory of the Messiah. Please join me in that prayer.

“May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.”


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