Boobs ‘n’ Bacon

The other day my wife commented, “I smell bacon. I’ve smelt bacon all day.” Sometimes weird things happen. Unfortunately this wasn’t one of those times. Let me tell you why.

On this day in particular my wife, the model of modesty, wore a low cut v-neck blouse. We were in the back yard with the kids. I was pushing Becca in the swing. Ben was pumping away going higher and higher on his swing. My wife makes the aforementioned comment. A moment later she says, ” Oh Gross!”

I look over at her to see her holding her blouse out and looking down her shirt. I amble over to see what is the matter. Maybe it was a big nasty zit or something. Nope. Down in her bra lay a chunk of bacon! A remnant of the BLT sandwich that she had for lunch. I stared at her in horror and disgust (maybe not a good thing for a husband to do). She reached in and pulled it out, I don’t know why but the image of her eating it crossed my mind (a complete guy thing to do…), thankfully she did not!! 

I will admit that the only reason I’m posting this is to test my good friend Steve’s theory, put the word ‘boobs’ in a post and you will have a huge number of hits because of … well, read Steve’s theory here: #1 on the Charts


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