Two pair beat a Full House

I don’t know much about poker… ok, I don’t know anything about poker.  But when it comes to my home, two pair definitely beat a full house!! Let me explain…

Becca rides a puppyMy wife and I agreed to watch a co-worker’s dog this weekend.  Nuco (new-coo) is a 1 1/2 year old mastiff.  If you don’t know, mastiffs are very large dogs.  He is big, goofy, and gentle despite his size.  He was really fun.  I had taken Friday off to take the kids to the dentist and have a little relaxation time.  I called Jackson, the youth pastor at my church, to see if we could get together. I had forgot that he and his wife, Michelle, were going to the Family Life Weekend to Remember marriage conference.  They had a problem though.  Their sitter had fallen through.  Well, Stacy and I owe the Fongs.  They have watched Ben and Becca for us several times.  So, after confering with my awesome bride, we offered to watch their kids: Frankie (7th grade), Sherry (6th grade), and Tony (4th grade).

This is how we got to a full house: Stacy and I, Ben and Becca, the three Fong kids, and a BIG dog. I love these kids. I like the dog. I prefer my two pair: two adults and two kids. It might not beat Bond at the poker table, but I think it’s a winning hand.

“May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.”



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