Dios Con Carne

chili-can.gifChili CanChili CanThe other day I gave in and join the mindless masses and downloaded iTunes.  Gasp! The Horror! But I have been blessed by this move.  Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill Bible Church in Seattle has a video podcast of his sermons.  I signed up for it. It was downloaded, all 194 Megs of it.

Before Ichili-can.gifchili-can.gif get into the rest of the story and the title of today’s post, I feel that I should give some backstory…  My friend Steve Schlange had a post regarding Mark Driscoll. After reading the article Steve referred to, I had the same conviction as Steve-O. (Read the Post: The Mark Driscoll Conviction)

So, I am watching the sermon, reading the scripture passage in another window. Listening to this man honestly apologize to his sizeable congregation for being proud and not humble.  The sermon was on humility.  I have only watch half of the sermon but I am praying that God would make me less proud and teach me to be humble. To Truly live out that He is God and i am not. To obey His word and “esteem others better than” myself.

At one point Mark is talking about the incarnation of Jesus. He is preaching from Philipians 2:1-11. He asks the question, “What does incarnation mean?” He uses an analogy. In the middle of incarnation is carna.  That will look familiar to any man who eats Chili con Carne. Chili Con Carne…. Chili With…. MEAT.  It is the same root word. Incarnation means God with Meat.  All Powerful, All Knowing, Timeless, Spiritual God took on the weak, limited, temporary, carnal body of a man.  And being Man, God/Jesus showed us how to live. He showed us the way to be forgiven of our sins and have hope of eternal life with Him. He payed the price we were incapable of paying.  Thank you God!! Thank you for becoming Dios Con Carne.

May You Be Covered In The Dust Of Your RABBI!


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