Bill O’Reilly… PINHEAD! Rush and Hannity too!

Yeah! Huckabee came out at the winner of the Iowa Caucus!  But some of the conservative commentators want to devalue the victory.  Bill O’Reilly was all over the place saying, “He didn’t win, 60% of the people voted against Huckabee.” Let’s take that standard then.  That means even more people voted against Romney, Thompson, Gulliani, Paul, and the others.  So there are no winners because so many people voted against each candidate.

It just makes me mad that the conservative commentators have something against Mick Huckabee and are trying to tear him down.  What, he isn’t conservative enough for them? He may not advocate their main points as passionately as they do? Is it reverse descrimination, they just don’t want a hard core Jesus follower in the oval office?  Now they will say they aren’t against him but being able to hear their shows while at work.  I never hear them rip Romney, Thompson, or Gulliani. Their the golden children. They can do no wrong.

While I still agree with most everything they say about politics.  Bill, Sean, and Rush’s biased approaches to Gov. Huckabee makes them, in my opinion, PINHEADS!


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