So It Begins…

It’s not a resolution.  I never said, “In 2008 I resolve to…” Nope.  I’m just trying to pick up where I left off…  3 years ago.  3 years ago my wife was pregnant with our daughter.  I wanted to lose weight.  I bought the Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds DVDS, signed up for Weight Watchers, and obtained a scale.  I made several other key life decisions.  The result was that I lost 40 lbs and improved my health considerably.

So I am back at it.  I haven’t signed up for WW, but they sent me a nice offer to come back… maybe I’ll take it.  I have cut back on my sodas. Now I get half and half and only one in the day.  I need to cut them out completely.  I am walking.  It is sad, I do the 1 mile walk and my thighs are burning by the end. I am out of shape. 

So it begins… I want to lose weight. I need to lose weight.  At my weight how long do I have until I develop diabetes, serious heart disease, or something else life threatening?  I would like to be looked upon not as a tubby guy, but a fit guy.  I want to teach my children good and healthy eating habits before they are cursed with a weight problem.  I look forward to being able to buy clothes at Walmart… and have them fit. 

But I have a concern.  I feel like I am doing it alone. Not that Stacy isn’t helping. No, I am having to motivate myself.  When I don’t want to workout, somehow I need to overcome that mindset and get moving.  When the goodies are calling my name like a Syren Song, I have to will myself not to answer.  So I am asking all of you out there in internet land, say a prayer for me. Perchance the Heavenly Father will give me just that touch more will power to exercise and eat right that I didn’t have a moment ago. Thank you…

May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.


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