Jesus washing the feet…

My Power of 4 devotional today is…

John 13:1-20

1. What do you learn about Jesus as He washes His disciples’ feet?

He expresses true humility.  The sheer power that he holds in his hands is immeasurable, yet he uses them to do menial work to bless his disciples.  He cares about the details.  I understand that foot washing was a common practice to be done to travelers, yet no one thought to do it, except Jesus.  I see also that he is looking for every opportunity to teach, to make application to effective living in the kingdom of God. 

2. What does Jesus teach you about being a servant? How are you following His example today?

He teaches me that service requires love and humility. He teaches me that service does not have to be big and flashy, it needs to be real and practical.  He said to clothe the naked, feed the hungry, visit the prisoners, take care of the sick, and house the homeless.  He said that a blessing will be bestowed for offering a cup of cold water to the saints in His name.  Look around us and see the base physical needs of others and meet them.

Am I following his example? Yes.  This last weekend I was told about a family who has had a severe ice block form in their drive way.  The husband is disabled, the wife is away at school, the kids… well, if they were my kids they would have taken care of the issue before there was an issue… any way, the ice was a danger.  Several men and I rallied to attack the ice. Over the course of an hour we shoveled, picked, and scraped away the ice. Why? because it needed to be done.  This family, the mom and dad, had faithfully served in the church until the disability and the need for employment hindered their ability to serve. It was time to bestow on them the blessing they had given to me and the rest of the Body.  Each week, I know I am doing something practical and necessary for someone.  Taking care of another’s child in an emergency, helping the college kid change his tire in the snow storm, praying with someone who is hurting and etc… Oh Lord, though I wish I did more for your glory.

May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.


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