Sunday Sermon: In God We Trust pt. 2

Pastor Rick continued his sermon series “In God We Trust.”  It has been a good series.  It isn’t the typical, “give more” sermons. It is about developing a biblical attitude toward money and the other resources that God has given to us.  It has been really good.  I thought I’d share the sermon notes, my notes on them, and my answers to the growth questions.

Here we go…

1. I can be generous in my: finances, time, possessions, knowledge, strength, prayer, love, forgiveness, and joy.

2. In some areas I am and in others I am not.  It has been an issue in the past that I wouldn’t say no. I have set up some boundaries to protect myself and my family.  In doing so my generosity in some areas has diminished considerably.  I guess the wife and I will need to discuss this.  How can we hold onto some good safe boundaries and be godly generous givers?

3. God is a giver.  John 3:16.  The other verses underscore this reality.  It is very important to Him.

4. This means that you can give your tithe out of obligation rather than out of joy and security in God’s provision.  Obligation giving calculates the exact amount and probably rounds down…. to the dollar.

5. Pray.  I will pray that God will give me opportunities to be generous and the Holy Spirit prompting to be generous.

May You Be Covered In The Dust Of Your Rabbi


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