The Horrible, Ugly Truth (Monday Measurements)

AAAAAGGGHHHH!!!  Being fat sucks.  I mean it really really sucks.  All these bad habits learned over 36 years, 9 months, and some odd days.  The sweet tooth, the yearning for cheesy goodness, the intricate combination of stuff to make great tastes.  Well I am done with it… I think. 

A month ago I was turned down for insurance.  Uh Oh!!  The Doctor ordered an OGTT.  I started my march toward health then.  I cut out the sodas.  I started measuring and recording everything I ate.  I started to read what I could about nutrition.  Low Carbs, No Carbs, Balanced diet, No bad foods just bad amounts.  Ughhh! How does one make sense of it all? I started exercising.  Walking at first then High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) then my bike.  I am keeping it mixed up to keep the muscles guessing. The last month has seen me lose 15.5lbs and my clothes began fitting better.

So NOW to the real reason of this post, the horrible, ugly truth:

Weight: 310 lbs   Chest: 55.5 in   Waist: 53 in   Hips: 49.25 in

I’m entering these stats into a Fitness and Weightloss Chart for Men spreadsheet I downloaded off of microsoft templates.  The spreadsheet will calculate/estimate my body fat percentage, my lean mass, my fat mass and provide me with nifty charts.  As the weeks tick off, it is my hope to watch these numbers go down and my health go up.

I’ll be praying that God will forgive me for abusing the body he gave me.  I haven’t been that good of a steward.  Please pray with me. Pray that I am diligent in my eating habits and exercise regimen.

May You Be Covered In The Dust Of Your Rabbi



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4 responses to “The Horrible, Ugly Truth (Monday Measurements)

  1. Amen brother!@ We all need all the help we can get. Good luck on your journey!

  2. Your commitment will pay off. Losing weight is simple; eat less and move more. At least that’s what’s been working for me. Simple, yes- easy, no.

    Best wishes for your continued success.

  3. Johnny

    Hi there – followed you over from John’s Weight Loss Blog. Being fat does suck, and I’m so terribly sorry to hear about your insurance…frankly, that sucks even more! Please come join us…these guys (like John) have inspired me to get off my duff and work like crazy to drop some pounds. They’re super supportive, and despite really only just starting my weight loss and exercise journey, I feel better than I ever have in a long time. Hope to see you around some more.

  4. I was where you are not too long ago. It’s doable my friend. Just keep plugging away at it.

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