Happy Birthday Honey

Stacy,  I am so lucky to have you as my wife.  I appreciate you. I love you.  Last year you got 35 reasons why I love you.  Let’s see if I can come up with one more….


1) are intelligent.  2) have a different perspective from me.  3) want to follow God.  4) went to a small Baptist church in Ducor.  5) helped me see the larger picture.  6) have a wonderful laugh.  7) love to get away with me and only me.  8) encourage me.  9) have beautiful blue eyes.  10) strive to be an excellent mother (and succeed).  11) rode from Devil’s Corral to Hobo Camp.  12) are a good friend.  13) have established healthy boundaries.  14) work to benefit our family.  15) accept me for who I am.  16) are cuddly.  17) and I can’t tell where we end and other begins when we touch. 18) are so important to me that I can’t imagine life without you.  19) are an excellent traveling buddy.  20) are an avid reader. 21) think I’m good looking.  22) gave me two wonderful kids.  23) allow me the freedom to be involved in ministry.  24) are ok with being a mini-van mom.  25) sew things to bless our children and to give a personal touch to gifts.  26) listen to me.  27) make me happy.  28) love to sleep in (and look so cute too!).  29) introduce me to new experiences.  30) answered me call and the rest was history.  31) pray for me.  32) have different love languages than me which helps me to grow and stretch as a person.  33) are the queen of everything and teaching our princess of quite-a-lot.  34) read to our children.  35) are playful.  36) said yes to me in 2001 and became my wife.

I love you babe. Happy Birthday.

May you, Stacy, be covered in the dust of your Rabbi


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  1. johnisfit

    Very nice sentiments – she sounds lucky too.

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