5K Training or Weight Training? (aka, Cardio vs. Resistance)

The other day the wife mentioned that there is going to be a 5K walk/run at Eagle Lake next month.  She threw out the idea, you can run/walk it and the kids & I will walk it, you can come back and join us after you are done.  Sounds good. 

But I have a routine.  MWFS are cardio days, T/Th are resistance days. 

The competitive nature in me wants to do well on the 5K.  Do I really think I am going to run the whole way? Nahhh.  Could I win? Not a snowballs chance! But I will know if I did my best and did I prepare the best.

So back to my routine.  Do I just go to cardio with general calesthenics thrown in? So my new schedule would be M-S cardio with T/Th Calesthenics (pushups, squats, ab work, etc…) I really don’t know. 

Also I am intrigued by the 100 Push up challenge I saw over on John is Fit and at Andrew is Getting Fit.  So I am wondering if I should lay off the weights in favor of body weight exercise.  Ahhhh! I hate it. 

SO… I think I am off to Couch to 5k for a training program and to have a conversation with my awesome spouse about working out times.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings…

May you be covered in the dust of the rabbi Jesus



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2 responses to “5K Training or Weight Training? (aka, Cardio vs. Resistance)

  1. C25K rocks! Just be careful, you might get hooked on running.

  2. Good luck on the 5k! I had a goal of running in one this year, but I personally don’t want to do it until I can at least make a go of almost running the whole way – right now though it would be a lot of walking I’m afraid. We’ll see…

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