Monday Measurement (7/21/08)

I promise to write more.  Really I do. Last week was Fair Week and that meant that I was busy with Youth Group Taco Booth and my wife was busy with Ticket Sales at the gate.  It was busy.

Despite all that (eating indian tacos with fry bread, all those other ‘once a year’ fair goodies) I have good news:

Weight: 304 (got on and off that scale three times just to be sure) Chest: 54 in  Waist: 51 in  Hips 48.5

I think I see the demise of the 300 lb monster that has been eyeballing me.  I am so hopefull that I will make my goal.  Sub 300 lb by August 1st. 

A funny story about my run this morning.  I downloaded the podrunner pod cast for week 4.  Good beat. I did my best to keep my feet pounding to the beat.  So I am in the last 90 second walk before the last 5 minute run.  The beat is bumpin’ then nuthin’.  The battery died.  So I looked at the watch and started running.  I was gonna finish that workout.

May you be covered in the dust of the Rabbi Jesus.


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  1. Good job keeping going!

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