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This is a test for Jackson

Hello all my feeders (all two of you) I am showing the youth pastor the wonders of wordpress.  We might be moving our church’s website over to wordpress.

For the interested, you can check out The Fong’s (think The Fonz) myspace page by following this link:

And here’s a picture of the studly youth pastor…

oh, and a video for jackson…


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So It Begins…

It’s not a resolution.  I never said, “In 2008 I resolve to…” Nope.  I’m just trying to pick up where I left off…  3 years ago.  3 years ago my wife was pregnant with our daughter.  I wanted to lose weight.  I bought the Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds DVDS, signed up for Weight Watchers, and obtained a scale.  I made several other key life decisions.  The result was that I lost 40 lbs and improved my health considerably.

So I am back at it.  I haven’t signed up for WW, but they sent me a nice offer to come back… maybe I’ll take it.  I have cut back on my sodas. Now I get half and half and only one in the day.  I need to cut them out completely.  I am walking.  It is sad, I do the 1 mile walk and my thighs are burning by the end. I am out of shape. 

So it begins… I want to lose weight. I need to lose weight.  At my weight how long do I have until I develop diabetes, serious heart disease, or something else life threatening?  I would like to be looked upon not as a tubby guy, but a fit guy.  I want to teach my children good and healthy eating habits before they are cursed with a weight problem.  I look forward to being able to buy clothes at Walmart… and have them fit. 

But I have a concern.  I feel like I am doing it alone. Not that Stacy isn’t helping. No, I am having to motivate myself.  When I don’t want to workout, somehow I need to overcome that mindset and get moving.  When the goodies are calling my name like a Syren Song, I have to will myself not to answer.  So I am asking all of you out there in internet land, say a prayer for me. Perchance the Heavenly Father will give me just that touch more will power to exercise and eat right that I didn’t have a moment ago. Thank you…

May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.

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Bill O’Reilly… PINHEAD! Rush and Hannity too!

Yeah! Huckabee came out at the winner of the Iowa Caucus!  But some of the conservative commentators want to devalue the victory.  Bill O’Reilly was all over the place saying, “He didn’t win, 60% of the people voted against Huckabee.” Let’s take that standard then.  That means even more people voted against Romney, Thompson, Gulliani, Paul, and the others.  So there are no winners because so many people voted against each candidate.

It just makes me mad that the conservative commentators have something against Mick Huckabee and are trying to tear him down.  What, he isn’t conservative enough for them? He may not advocate their main points as passionately as they do? Is it reverse descrimination, they just don’t want a hard core Jesus follower in the oval office?  Now they will say they aren’t against him but being able to hear their shows while at work.  I never hear them rip Romney, Thompson, or Gulliani. Their the golden children. They can do no wrong.

While I still agree with most everything they say about politics.  Bill, Sean, and Rush’s biased approaches to Gov. Huckabee makes them, in my opinion, PINHEADS!

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Neighborhood Fire Department

Our neighbor is a nice college kid from Washington.  When the weather turned cold he borrowed some wood to start a fire and soon after went out to cut wood for the first time with a friend. As he is a clean cut athlete we joking refer to him as ‘Junior.’

Just like I had some faux pas when I started making fires to keep my house warm, he had one tonight. 

We had just got the kids down to bed when there was a frantic knock on the door.  I cracked the door to see Junior’s anxious face, “Can you help me? My fire’s gone crazy.” Crazy?! I didn’t know what that meant, but I promised his mom and dad that I would be there for him should he need.  “I’ll be right there,” I muttered. Throwing on my tennies and a t-shirt I told Stacy, “Be right back, something’s going on with Junior’s fire.”

As I got to his door he tells me, “I put a peice of wood in that was too long and it is burning and filling my house with smoke.” Now who hasn’t done this? That 1/2 inch or so can keep the door from closing and let some smoke in the house. Oh NO!! Not Junior’s wood. I enter to see 3 to 4 inches  stickin out and black smoke pouring out. “Be right back!” I shout. Hopping the fence and into my mud room I grab the long welding gloves. Nomex lined and double thick I knew they would work. Running back I told him, “Stomp out any embers that fall behind me.” I grabbed the log and ran out the front door to toss it on the lawn. As we splashed out the log, Junior and I laughed at it.  The poor guy was obviously embarrassed. So I told him about the time I set the field on fire behind the house.  No, I won’t tell you.  See if Stacy will recount that event…

Hey, stuff happens.  It’s a good thing he has neighbors.  Jesus said, “Love your neighbors as yourself.”

May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.

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Two pair beat a Full House

I don’t know much about poker… ok, I don’t know anything about poker.  But when it comes to my home, two pair definitely beat a full house!! Let me explain…

Becca rides a puppyMy wife and I agreed to watch a co-worker’s dog this weekend.  Nuco (new-coo) is a 1 1/2 year old mastiff.  If you don’t know, mastiffs are very large dogs.  He is big, goofy, and gentle despite his size.  He was really fun.  I had taken Friday off to take the kids to the dentist and have a little relaxation time.  I called Jackson, the youth pastor at my church, to see if we could get together. I had forgot that he and his wife, Michelle, were going to the Family Life Weekend to Remember marriage conference.  They had a problem though.  Their sitter had fallen through.  Well, Stacy and I owe the Fongs.  They have watched Ben and Becca for us several times.  So, after confering with my awesome bride, we offered to watch their kids: Frankie (7th grade), Sherry (6th grade), and Tony (4th grade).

This is how we got to a full house: Stacy and I, Ben and Becca, the three Fong kids, and a BIG dog. I love these kids. I like the dog. I prefer my two pair: two adults and two kids. It might not beat Bond at the poker table, but I think it’s a winning hand.

“May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.”


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I wanna move to another state

I live in California. I love the place I’m living in, but….

A good friend just moved to Seattle, WA. Another friend moved to Spokane, WA. I just renewed contact with my best friend from High School, He lives north of Seattle in Lakemount Terrace, WA. Why the exodus from Cal-i-four-knee-uh (Governator phonetics)?

I make a good living. Many of my fellow teachers think we are underpaid, I don’t. I make pretty much what a public school teacher with 15-20 years of service makes, I’m five years in. I can not go to another state and do what I do and make what I make. I’m trapped by economics.

My answer. I guess I’ll stay where I am at. There is a rumor that a big raise may be on the horizon. I’ll pursue my Master’s degree and an administrative credential to become a vice-principal/principal. Somewhere down the line, the opportunity may come that I might move away from this liberal state.

What’s the point of this rambling, meandering post? I kinda hate being so comfortable that I can’t stand the thought of a massive pay cut. Am I stuck between God and mammon? If I am, where’s the exit? Jesus, show me the way.

“May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.”

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