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YeAh StAcY!!! My wife rocks!!! WaY tO gO GiRlIe!!!

Today is a day of celebration.  My wife, partner in life, best friend, co battler of the bulge broke the 15 lb barrier today.  It crashed like a sonic boom.  Fell like the Walls of Jericho.  I am so proud of her. 

I am also proud of her that she is starting to enjoy getting out and doing more.  A few weeks back we bought her a bike.  We went on a few rides.  She built up to it and asked to do the Devil’s Corral ride.  This is a simple, downhill (@3% grade), 6 mile ride on the Bizz Johnson Trail in Susanville.  We have been hindered by smoke of late.  The smoke from the bazillion fires in California is making it difficult to see the wonderful mountains that surround our town and hard for asthematics (like my wife) to breathe. And do you know what my awesome, bodacious babe wanted to do in celebration? Yep, Bike the Bizz Baby!!! Smoke or no smoke, we piled the bikes on the rack, dropped the van off at the parking lot, and headed for the Devil’s Corral Trailhead. (I also gotta say that my wife rocks because she let me drop the trailer and nail the single track around the tunnels. I love single track.) A lazy hour later we pulled up, loaded up and now the wife and kids are washing the trail dust from their bodies whilest I busily compose this praise packed post of my wonderful and wiley wife.

It was good to be in God’s creation.  While I hate the smoke, just like rain… God makes it to be smokey for the just and the unjust…

May You Be Covered In The Dust Of Your Rabbi


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Saturday Summary

Here it is, Saturday, June 28, 2006 and I need to update, review, and summarize.  Sounds like a class assignment that I would give for a reading section.  What to cover?

Faith wise, I am trying to figure out how to entice uninvolved pew sitters into small groups and calling to some men to come alongside to create a men’s ministry team.  The first rule is that you can’t make anyone do anything. My answer to this is to pray. The second rule is the 80/20 rule.  Isn’t it obvious to people that when you become a christian that you are to get involved both in ministering to others and in growing in your faith.  Okay, thats enough gripping on that issue.  The point is that I’d ask you, reader, to stop now and pray with me that I can effectively serve Him in the areas of small groups and men’s ministry.

Health wise, I am seriously trying to get the weight off, the health better, and learn about nutrition and exercise.  I really hate that Emeril is right, “Fat is flavor.” Apparently so are carbohydrates!  The good news is that in the last month I’ve dropped 15, count ’em, 15 pounds. I am officially 312lbs.  But the awesome thing is that I tried on some size 46 shorts at Wally’s and they fit.  To skinny healthy people they may be grossed out by the thought of size 46, but to me and many others who have lived in 50’s for a long time, 46 is awesome!!! ToTaLlY FrEaKiNg AwEsOmE!!  Along with this I’ve been riding my bike alot. Yesterday the wife, kids, and I rode the Bizz Johnson Trail from Devil’s Corrall to Hobo Camp. A 6 mile ride, down hill at 3% grade which is easier than flat, but ya still need to pedal to get anywhere.  With breaks for kids and water, it took us about 45 min.  But this isn’t my only exercise, I’ve been brisk walking, H.I.I.T.-ing with jump rope or sprints, and lifting weights.  Starting Monday, I’m going to be weighing in and measuring and posting it. Yep, nothing like public ridicule to get one motivated!!

Family wise, they are awesome!  Ben is a psycopathic Jedi freak.  Becca is potty trained (YEAH!). Stacy is incredible as always.  I love Ben and his sense of adventure and his love of worshipping. I love Becca and her princess posturing, as well as her affectionate hugs and kisses. I love Stacy because she is a wonderful conversationalist and an excellent encourager along my journey.

Does this by anymeans summarize life since my last post, no. But it is the important stuff. And as always,

May You Be Covered In The Dust Of Your Rabbi

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