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Family, Chores, Shooting, Lasagna: Saturday was a GREAT day!

Saturday, March 24th, 2007 was a really great day for me and my family.  No, we didn’t win the lottery, we didn’t buy a house, we didn’t have any of those wonderful, awesome events/experiences that people go gaga over.  Honestly, it was a normal day, but the outcome of the day was what made it so great.

It started at 6:30am when Benjamin crawled in bed with Stacy and I. We were soundly asleep in our comfy, warm bed. He snuggles into me. He’s awake, but doesn’t move. He cuddles. I lay there and listen to Stacy’s deep breathing (snoring). Ben doesn’t last long and he begins to fidget. “Let’s get up, ” I whisper. We go into the front room. I turn on the one-eyed-babysitter to Disney Channel, fix him a cup of chocolate milk, and tell him to come get me if he needs something. I crawl back into bed, my wife snuggles up to me. She is warm and it feels good to cuddle with my bride. We drift back into slumber.

A few minutes later Ben is back. “Becca awake,” He announces and trots off to the front room. I roll out of bed, fix her a sippy cup of milk, collect my Pretty from her crib and we slip into bed. She snuggles in and drinks her milk. My wife rolls over, looks at us, smiles and sleepily says, “Good morning.” We lay there and just enjoy the silence. Then Ben comes in.

My son is not a guiet, still kid. He is a ball of energy, a party waiting to bust out. We have a game, we fight over who gets to snuggle Stacy. He will do what ever he can to slip between us. The game ensues. Rebecca joins in. The game also transitions into a round of musical parents. The kids keep switching between snuggling us. Somewhere in this mess Stacy and I talk, pray for the day, and enjoy our children. Eventually we kick the kids out of bed and have a little bit of time for each other while in a concious state.

Our morning was full. I went to get some boxes for packing (we are moving to a new house in a month or so). Stacy makes puff pancakes (thanks Joanne Sturgeon for the recipe). Stacy decided that we needed to limit Rebecca’s pacifier usage. She can only have it in bed. (for more see Stacy’s blog).We cleaned up the living room and the kitchen. I got a chance to talk to my sister and Patrick M. (aka P-Dawg) while I worked on my chores. I grilled burgers for lunch. Stacy and I got to talk about some of our trips we have coming up, her parent’s visit during Easter, and what we have going on.

Stacy gave me the afternoon to play. I called up Rick M. to see if he wanted to go shooting. It just happened that he was going shooting anyway. He invited me to join him and Eric, a co-worker of his. The three of us headed out to Standish to a ranch where we can shoot. We set up at 100 yards. Eric was working on figuring out the right load for him and his gun. He is going on an Elk hunt in a couple years. He wants to make sure that he and his gun are one, it’s pretty zen.

I was breaking in my .223 rifle. This process involved, clean, shoot 1 round, clean, shoot 2 rounds, clean… you get the idea. During this we were also trying to dial in the scope. We worked with different bullets, tried to get the gun sighted (it’s close) and had fun. I got the chance to blow the heck out of a jug of water. A lizard crawled out on the log in the shooting lane… poor lizard. I think the term Eric used when I shot it was VAPORIZED.  A little lizard at 100 yards… not bad.

I got home to Stacy’s wonderful lasagna. She is a very good cook. It was tasty. We ate our fill of lasagna, bread, and salad. We had wonderful conversations. We asked what the favorite part of the day was. Ben enjoyed going to Wal-mart (not technically today, but it was within the 24 hour period). Rebecca enjoyed, “Ba-Ba!” (Brother). Stacy and I agreed we couldn’t pick one part, we loved the whole day.

The kids and I piled out back to play. Gotta run them ragged. It was fun to run and play keep away with the soccer ball. Rebecca even joined in. She chased Ben and I shouting, “Ball! Ball!” I had to call the fun to a stop when a couple mosquitos tried to get a snack from me. This led to showers, dressing, devotionals, prayer and bed time.  The day was done.

I am so blessed. I have a wonderful wife. I have a beautiful daughter. I have a awesome son. My family makes me happy. I have good friends. Thank you God.

“May you be covered in the dust of your Rabbi.”


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Look out, he’s got a gun!

Hey everyone, I bought my new gun! Stacy promised me that I could get a gun for Christmas when we got our taxes in (belated present). Taxes are here!

I went out to Janesville to Honey Lake Firearms and talked to Mr. Cagle. I had decided on a Stevens 200 in .223 Remington. I already own a .22 LR and a 30-30. This gun will be used for target shooting and killing varmints at long distances (400-900 feet). Okay, for some that isn’t long, but for a novice it will be. I now have the daunting task of selecting the appropriate optics for this gun. I won’t hit a thing if I can’t see it.

I am excited. I’ll post on this again when I’ve had a chance to shoot the gun.

“May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi”

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