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My God, My Savior, Jesus the Christ

I am a believer in Jesus the Christ of Nazareth.  He is the only begotten son of the one true God and is God in the flesh. I write this with deep conviction.  I cannot deny the lover of my soul, the one who has given me hope, power, and joy.

I need him.  I cannot do life on my own and hope to succeed eternally. When I try to live like I don’t need him the worst of human qualities takes over. I become prideful.  Pride manifests itself in many ways:  self promotion, selfishness, arrogance, cruelty, and many more.  Pride manifests itself in such ways because the victim of pride begins to think that they are the master of their destiny and that they are more important than anyone else.  The result of pride is a great fall with extraordinarily destructive results.

Paul the apostle of Jesus wrote, “You have been saved through faith {in Jesus}, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast {in their own ability}.” Mankind has foolishly been deceived into thinking that they can save themselves.  This was the lie in the Garden of Eden.  This was the lie told to and taught by Buddha.  I came across this quote of the Buddha, “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” The divergence in viewpoints is huge. One is dependent on God’s power and grace and the other is dependent on one’s own limited powerless humanity.  One takes away our sin from us while the other tries to master and conquer sin resulting in the pride of accomplishment leading to… sin.

Buddha sought enlightenment which is a true and noble goal.  True enlightenment is when we come to the end of ourselves and realize that God is calling us to Himself through Jesus in a small still voice.  And when we listen to that call it will say, “I am the Road{path}, also the Truth, also the Life. No one gets to the Father apart from me.” Yes, Jesus is talking to you, inviting you to walk with Him through life to the gates of Heaven. And on that journey….

…May you be covered in the dust of the Rabbi Jesus


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Community Church’s VBS

This week I was the story teller for the Vacation Bible School (VBS) at church.  We were talking about Jesus giving us power to be brave, thankful, helpful, to live forever, and to tell others about God.  It was a good week.  I am glad to have done it.  I am also glad to be done with it.

My wife volunteered me to make a media presentation for church.  I finished it today. I have given it to the worship leader for tomorrow, but decided to try posting it to youtube.  It worked! and here it is…

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Jumping Ahead

Hey there all, well 4am rolled around (it does that everyday, didn’t you know) and I got my booty out of bed to go exercise/train.  As I had mentioned earlier my wife had suggested the Eagle Lake 5K walk/run.  So I was off to to get a training schedule.  Since I know that I have been working out I dared to jump ahead of the training schedule to put me closer to my goal.

I chose week 3: 2 cycles of 90 Sec of Jogging, 90 Sec of Walking, 3 Min of Jogging, 3 Minutes of Walking, and 5 minutes each of a brisk walk warm up/cool down.  I lived! I did it. So next week I’ll follow that regimen. It is my hope that my body will respond and I will see a weight loss and increased stamina/endurance.

I’ll keep you posted.

May you be covered in the dust of the Rabbi Jesus.

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5K AND Weight Training

Well faithful readers, I am so very glad (almost giddy) to report that I was wrong in my previous post.  After reviewing the Couch to 5K plan over at Cool Runnings, I can do both.  My thought that I needed to run every day was error.  The plan is for three workouts every other day.  So I can continue to hit the weights on Tues and Thursdays.

I was thinking about how building up my endurance and legs through running might benefit my bike riding.  I have set a goal to ride to and from work by the end of August.  The trip is right at a tick over 9 miles.  I think it is a worthy goal.  I want to eventually take the long way to work (14 miles) that climbs up the mountain and down the dirt road portion of Rice Canyon Road.

Finally, I thought about running and how the apostle Paul talked about setting aside every weight that hinders us in running the course.  I guess in one physical sense, that is what I am doing. I am running, biking, skipping rope, and pumping iron to drop the pounds so that I am more efficient.

May you be covered in the dust of the Rabbi Jesus

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5K Training or Weight Training? (aka, Cardio vs. Resistance)

The other day the wife mentioned that there is going to be a 5K walk/run at Eagle Lake next month.  She threw out the idea, you can run/walk it and the kids & I will walk it, you can come back and join us after you are done.  Sounds good. 

But I have a routine.  MWFS are cardio days, T/Th are resistance days. 

The competitive nature in me wants to do well on the 5K.  Do I really think I am going to run the whole way? Nahhh.  Could I win? Not a snowballs chance! But I will know if I did my best and did I prepare the best.

So back to my routine.  Do I just go to cardio with general calesthenics thrown in? So my new schedule would be M-S cardio with T/Th Calesthenics (pushups, squats, ab work, etc…) I really don’t know. 

Also I am intrigued by the 100 Push up challenge I saw over on John is Fit and at Andrew is Getting Fit.  So I am wondering if I should lay off the weights in favor of body weight exercise.  Ahhhh! I hate it. 

SO… I think I am off to Couch to 5k for a training program and to have a conversation with my awesome spouse about working out times.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings…

May you be covered in the dust of the rabbi Jesus


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Monday Measurment

Hey all, well it was a busy week/weekend. Two birthdays, a holiday, in-laws coming, cleaning, etc… So I ate like crap and didn’t get to workout as I should have. I did fit in a 5 mile ride with a friend and it was awesome!  So now that I have set it all up….

The measurements:

Chest: 55  Waist: 53  Hips: 49 Lbs: 312

So I lost a half inch off both my chest and my hips, but gained back 2 lbs.  I’m putting it out there that my goal for the end of July is to be at 300 or less.

May you be covered in the dust of the Rabbi Jesus


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Birthdays and Healthy Lifestyle Choices

This week is a hard week.  We have two birthdays and a holiday.  Can you say “healthy eating train wreck?” Can you say, “workout? what workout?”

Yesterday was Ben’s B-Day.  I want to thank the spousinator for letting me take a quick ride yesterday.  I need to wake up and rev up the metabolism.  The wife and I took our son and some friends to McD’s for lunch. Thank you big, faceless, golden arches corporation for your salads. Then we dragged that brood of kids over to the theater for Wall-E.  I had a soda!  Ahhhhhh!!  Worse yet half way through the movie, after the second trip to the potty, I gave in and got a refill and a small popcorn.  The Horror, the horror!!! Ok, let’s be real. Yes I over did it by having 2, but I think it has been a week or more since I sipped soda and there have been a lot of miles on the bike and a lot of minutes jumping rope between them and there will be a lot more between the next one.  After the movie though the wise and wonderful wife and I conversed.  Is Pizza the best choice for us?  No.  So while the boy wanted pizza for his birthday, she and I hatched a plan.  We get him and his sis a pizza, and we get healthier food for the adults. Thank you Grandma Barb and Papa Al  for going along with this change.  And yes, we did have cake too. Ahhhhh!!!

Today is the Wife’s date of birth.  We are on our way to Reno for a small get a way.  She wants to go to The Melting Pot for her birthday.  I would think that this would be ok, if I had a week between birthdays to recover ang “get back on the wagon.”  But I don’t have a week, it’s the next day.  So what shall I do?  Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, drink plenty of water, and take the stairs to our room (hopefully on the 13th floor) for a good workout. 

The point is that I must look at the big picture.  Life is short and when times for celebration occur, celebrate!  The rest of life can be the even keel.  This weekend, I am hoping to have an epic bike ride with an elder from church.  Last year he rode 82 miles in a day for a fundraiser.  He’s going to take it easy on me, I hope.  As I have read over much material and my time with weight watcher’s online, the plan is to create a weekly defecit in caloric intake for weightloss.  Despite the birthdays, the good but not good food, I will remain on track for a weight loss of 1-2 pounds.  But we will only know on Monday when I remeasure…

May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.

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