5K Training or Weight Training? (aka, Cardio vs. Resistance)

The other day the wife mentioned that there is going to be a 5K walk/run at Eagle Lake next month.  She threw out the idea, you can run/walk it and the kids & I will walk it, you can come back and join us after you are done.  Sounds good. 

But I have a routine.  MWFS are cardio days, T/Th are resistance days. 

The competitive nature in me wants to do well on the 5K.  Do I really think I am going to run the whole way? Nahhh.  Could I win? Not a snowballs chance! But I will know if I did my best and did I prepare the best.

So back to my routine.  Do I just go to cardio with general calesthenics thrown in? So my new schedule would be M-S cardio with T/Th Calesthenics (pushups, squats, ab work, etc…) I really don’t know. 

Also I am intrigued by the 100 Push up challenge I saw over on John is Fit and at Andrew is Getting Fit.  So I am wondering if I should lay off the weights in favor of body weight exercise.  Ahhhh! I hate it. 

SO… I think I am off to Couch to 5k for a training program and to have a conversation with my awesome spouse about working out times.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings…

May you be covered in the dust of the rabbi Jesus



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Monday Measurment

Hey all, well it was a busy week/weekend. Two birthdays, a holiday, in-laws coming, cleaning, etc… So I ate like crap and didn’t get to workout as I should have. I did fit in a 5 mile ride with a friend and it was awesome!  So now that I have set it all up….

The measurements:

Chest: 55  Waist: 53  Hips: 49 Lbs: 312

So I lost a half inch off both my chest and my hips, but gained back 2 lbs.  I’m putting it out there that my goal for the end of July is to be at 300 or less.

May you be covered in the dust of the Rabbi Jesus


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Happy Birthday Honey

Stacy,  I am so lucky to have you as my wife.  I appreciate you. I love you.  Last year you got 35 reasons why I love you.  Let’s see if I can come up with one more….


1) are intelligent.  2) have a different perspective from me.  3) want to follow God.  4) went to a small Baptist church in Ducor.  5) helped me see the larger picture.  6) have a wonderful laugh.  7) love to get away with me and only me.  8) encourage me.  9) have beautiful blue eyes.  10) strive to be an excellent mother (and succeed).  11) rode from Devil’s Corral to Hobo Camp.  12) are a good friend.  13) have established healthy boundaries.  14) work to benefit our family.  15) accept me for who I am.  16) are cuddly.  17) and I can’t tell where we end and other begins when we touch. 18) are so important to me that I can’t imagine life without you.  19) are an excellent traveling buddy.  20) are an avid reader. 21) think I’m good looking.  22) gave me two wonderful kids.  23) allow me the freedom to be involved in ministry.  24) are ok with being a mini-van mom.  25) sew things to bless our children and to give a personal touch to gifts.  26) listen to me.  27) make me happy.  28) love to sleep in (and look so cute too!).  29) introduce me to new experiences.  30) answered me call and the rest was history.  31) pray for me.  32) have different love languages than me which helps me to grow and stretch as a person.  33) are the queen of everything and teaching our princess of quite-a-lot.  34) read to our children.  35) are playful.  36) said yes to me in 2001 and became my wife.

I love you babe. Happy Birthday.

May you, Stacy, be covered in the dust of your Rabbi

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Birthdays and Healthy Lifestyle Choices

This week is a hard week.  We have two birthdays and a holiday.  Can you say “healthy eating train wreck?” Can you say, “workout? what workout?”

Yesterday was Ben’s B-Day.  I want to thank the spousinator for letting me take a quick ride yesterday.  I need to wake up and rev up the metabolism.  The wife and I took our son and some friends to McD’s for lunch. Thank you big, faceless, golden arches corporation for your salads. Then we dragged that brood of kids over to the theater for Wall-E.  I had a soda!  Ahhhhhh!!  Worse yet half way through the movie, after the second trip to the potty, I gave in and got a refill and a small popcorn.  The Horror, the horror!!! Ok, let’s be real. Yes I over did it by having 2, but I think it has been a week or more since I sipped soda and there have been a lot of miles on the bike and a lot of minutes jumping rope between them and there will be a lot more between the next one.  After the movie though the wise and wonderful wife and I conversed.  Is Pizza the best choice for us?  No.  So while the boy wanted pizza for his birthday, she and I hatched a plan.  We get him and his sis a pizza, and we get healthier food for the adults. Thank you Grandma Barb and Papa Al  for going along with this change.  And yes, we did have cake too. Ahhhhh!!!

Today is the Wife’s date of birth.  We are on our way to Reno for a small get a way.  She wants to go to The Melting Pot for her birthday.  I would think that this would be ok, if I had a week between birthdays to recover ang “get back on the wagon.”  But I don’t have a week, it’s the next day.  So what shall I do?  Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, drink plenty of water, and take the stairs to our room (hopefully on the 13th floor) for a good workout. 

The point is that I must look at the big picture.  Life is short and when times for celebration occur, celebrate!  The rest of life can be the even keel.  This weekend, I am hoping to have an epic bike ride with an elder from church.  Last year he rode 82 miles in a day for a fundraiser.  He’s going to take it easy on me, I hope.  As I have read over much material and my time with weight watcher’s online, the plan is to create a weekly defecit in caloric intake for weightloss.  Despite the birthdays, the good but not good food, I will remain on track for a weight loss of 1-2 pounds.  But we will only know on Monday when I remeasure…

May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.

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Ben’s Birthday

Today my son is 6.  Congratulations my boy. I love you so much. I appreciate how you are musically inclined, Star Wars infatuated, power pedalling, and cuddling oriented.  I pray for you often. I pray that you will have good friends and be a good friend. I pray that you will seek God in all things and give your life to His service, especially in music.  I pray that God will guide me to guide you to a healthy, secure, and confident manhood.

You are incredible and awesome my young jedi.  Though you resist the title, you are my padawan.  (Excuse me readers, my padawan just challenged me to a lightsaber fight… gotta go.)

May You Be Covered In The Dust Of Your Rabbi

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YeAh StAcY!!! My wife rocks!!! WaY tO gO GiRlIe!!!

Today is a day of celebration.  My wife, partner in life, best friend, co battler of the bulge broke the 15 lb barrier today.  It crashed like a sonic boom.  Fell like the Walls of Jericho.  I am so proud of her. 

I am also proud of her that she is starting to enjoy getting out and doing more.  A few weeks back we bought her a bike.  We went on a few rides.  She built up to it and asked to do the Devil’s Corral ride.  This is a simple, downhill (@3% grade), 6 mile ride on the Bizz Johnson Trail in Susanville.  We have been hindered by smoke of late.  The smoke from the bazillion fires in California is making it difficult to see the wonderful mountains that surround our town and hard for asthematics (like my wife) to breathe. And do you know what my awesome, bodacious babe wanted to do in celebration? Yep, Bike the Bizz Baby!!! Smoke or no smoke, we piled the bikes on the rack, dropped the van off at the parking lot, and headed for the Devil’s Corral Trailhead. (I also gotta say that my wife rocks because she let me drop the trailer and nail the single track around the tunnels. I love single track.) A lazy hour later we pulled up, loaded up and now the wife and kids are washing the trail dust from their bodies whilest I busily compose this praise packed post of my wonderful and wiley wife.

It was good to be in God’s creation.  While I hate the smoke, just like rain… God makes it to be smokey for the just and the unjust…

May You Be Covered In The Dust Of Your Rabbi

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The Horrible, Ugly Truth (Monday Measurements)

AAAAAGGGHHHH!!!  Being fat sucks.  I mean it really really sucks.  All these bad habits learned over 36 years, 9 months, and some odd days.  The sweet tooth, the yearning for cheesy goodness, the intricate combination of stuff to make great tastes.  Well I am done with it… I think. 

A month ago I was turned down for insurance.  Uh Oh!!  The Doctor ordered an OGTT.  I started my march toward health then.  I cut out the sodas.  I started measuring and recording everything I ate.  I started to read what I could about nutrition.  Low Carbs, No Carbs, Balanced diet, No bad foods just bad amounts.  Ughhh! How does one make sense of it all? I started exercising.  Walking at first then High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) then my bike.  I am keeping it mixed up to keep the muscles guessing. The last month has seen me lose 15.5lbs and my clothes began fitting better.

So NOW to the real reason of this post, the horrible, ugly truth:

Weight: 310 lbs   Chest: 55.5 in   Waist: 53 in   Hips: 49.25 in

I’m entering these stats into a Fitness and Weightloss Chart for Men spreadsheet I downloaded off of microsoft templates.  The spreadsheet will calculate/estimate my body fat percentage, my lean mass, my fat mass and provide me with nifty charts.  As the weeks tick off, it is my hope to watch these numbers go down and my health go up.

I’ll be praying that God will forgive me for abusing the body he gave me.  I haven’t been that good of a steward.  Please pray with me. Pray that I am diligent in my eating habits and exercise regimen.

May You Be Covered In The Dust Of Your Rabbi


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