Walter Kirklin

This blog is about painfully honest glimpses into the mind and heart of a guy trying to live the life that God desires, loosing weight, and being husband, father, and teacher.  I hope that this will be a space that I can share my frustrations, my hopes, and my joys (wife, kids, ministry, shooting, fishing, etc…).

I guess that might be a good segway into explaining the title.  Dust Covered.  There is this pastor of a young hip mega church named Rob Bell.  He has some interesting stuff.  He also says things that make me want to throttle him.  In one message (then later in the nooma videos and his book), he relayed a saying used among rabbis and students of 1st century Israel.  “May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.” Wow! The idea is to follow so closely to your rabbi that the dust from his walking rises up and covers you.  It is my ultimate hope that as I live in this battle between flesh and spirit, the spirit will win and I will be close to Jesus, my rabbi.  This is my hope.  This is my prayer.

So stick with me family and friends.  Pray for me.  Some days you will like what I have to say.  Other days you will want to throttle me.  That’s okay.  That’s life.

May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi